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Squace interface is built up by squares where each square represent a site or content of any kind. As you move the cursor over the grid, pop-ups display content behind each square. Click on a heading to display that squaces content. You can share a square with a friend, add it to My Stuff of course remove it.

1. Site name
2. Tab list – switch between different tabs on the site
3. Tooltip – link to content, click to read, add, share or remove
4. Grid – the screen is divided into squares, in each box you see, you will find a content
5. Bottom bar with; Menu, Application and Back

6. Menu
Go to: My stuff, Discover content, Contacts, Messages, My account and add/go to url (link).
Search. Exit Squace

My stuff: Your start page in Squace, where you can save all your bookmarks to your favorite sites and services.

Discover content: Find new sites and services and add them to My stuff.

Contacts: Add friends so you can easy share/send message or call them from Squace.

Messages: Send messages and links to your friends.

My account: Update your account settings.

URL (link): Enter a link to any mobile site.

Search : Search for any content you like and add it to My stuff for easy accessibility.
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