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It is easy to build a Sqauce site. When you update the content on your companys web page your Squace site will updated automatically. No extra work!

Squace drastically lowers your barriers to going mobile:

  • Uses common and open standards
  • No cost
  • Network and handset independent
  • Consistent look and feel across phones
  • Very easy to learn for your users
  • We don’t mess with your business model – place your own ads if you like!

To build a Squace site you first select which information that is relevant to provide over the mobile phone. Then you ”design” the site, that is decide on number of grids, tab names, background images, etc. You build the site using a type of XML-protocol called SquaceML. Any programmer easily masters this! SquaceML is described in detail in an easy to use manual. You publish the site on our Content provider site.

Why not try it out?

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